autumn as a time of slowing

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I have always felt conflicted this time of year, this season of Autumn. Like many, it’s my favorite season. The brisk mornings make for beautiful opportunities to snuggle a little longer and the glorious afternoons are perfect for unplugging and spending time in nature. But this is also the season when life gets busy, holidays fast approaching bringing with it shopping lists and planning. All of this busyness makes it feel like the shortest of all the seasons, I almost always feel like I missed it, and I don’t like feeling regret of memory-making opportunities, especially when I believe that God intended this to be a season of slowing, a season of taking stock and counting blessings.

Nature provides a stunning performance this time of year with the colors changing, it’s as if the trees are showing off with one final, encore performance. The sunsets are brighter and more colorful.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
— Albert Camus

It’s as if in preparation for the season of gratitude, the segweigh into the season of reflection and preparation of Advent then rejoicing at Christmas, God gets our attention. The beauty that surrounds us and makes us stop and grab a camera to lengthen the moment of beauty to forever, it’s all designed to make us stop, to slow us down so that we can look around and see His goodness, to reconnect with Him and one another.


It’s the opportunity to stop when we see the sky painted in blues fading to pinks and purples with the glow of orange, to stop and remember that God is good. When we look at the leaves turn from green to yellow, orange and red to pause and appreciate this spectacle and give thanks to God for all His glory. With nature showing us all her glory by performing her autumn encore, let us use this time to slow down and appreciate that this beauty is not only evidence of Gods existence but of His glory and love for us.

I pray we use the beauty of this season, a season that we often find ourselves rushing, to instead slow down and stay present and reconnect with friends and family and especially Him.

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