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I shared a post with you earlier this week about Autumn being a season for slowing and appreciating God in the details. Then, despite these grounding thoughts, words and feelings, I proceeded to have a bit of a “come apart” yesterday as I scribbled reminders and appointments into too many dates on my November calendar. I literally felt myself getting tight in the chest and wringing my hands that I had missed November and it was still October. Evidence of how easily we can be swayed from a path where our focus and trust is on Him.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven
— Ecc 3:1

So here I am today, sharing an image I created for that post on slowing as a reminder to myself, (and any of you who may need it) that this is the season of gratitude and everything will be ok, deep breaths, stay grounded in the present, count blessings and pray. I am also reminded that his is also the season of my life where I am raising and homeschooling children, very active children, so I need to adjust my expectations accordingly. We want our children involved in their extracurricular activities, we want the memories of their performances, races, games etc. I have to remember that our schedules reflect how richly blessed our lives really are as we strive to live this one life He has given us to the fullest!

I hope and pray as you move these the coming weeks that you are able to find the moments of stillness to reflect on your many blessings, even when they are wrapped up in a bit of chaos. And as a reminder of your blessings, feel free to download this free phone lock screen/wallpaper

Download your phone wallpaper by clicking this link of clicking on the image itself

This is my first “official” link party - meaning I’ve had a linky on my blog before but didn’t understand what it was all about! So I hope you will join me in sharing what is inspiring you right now!

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