Gift Guide for Bible Journalers

Bible journaling is a fun and exciting way to engage with scripture. It takes your reading time into a very experiential and spiritual experience. Bible journaling can do wonders for meditating on certain passages and taking the time to write, draw or create art in the margins creates that opportunity for us to hear the Holy Spirit while we engage in His word. If you are new to Bible journaling or are buying a gift for a Bible journaler, here are some supplies!

1.Choose a Bible

You will need to start with a Bible, and there are so many options! For Bible journaling you will want to get a Bible that has wide margins on the side so there is space for journaling and drawing etc. The Bible Store at Amazon is a great place to shop for just the right Bible.

2. Complete Bible Journaling Kits and Resources

There are any number of supplies that you can use to journal in your Bible, in fact, there are so many options that it can feel overwhelming. Below is a list of Bible journaling kits that come with supplies you will use when journaling.

The Complete Guide to Bible Journaling

This kit by Faber Castell is my favorite. We bought this one for my daughter and she has thoroughly enjoyed all of the materials included, the pens, highlighters etc. It’s a nice all in one package, you just supply the Bible.

3. A Selection of Writing & Drawing Tools

If you want to put together a kit for yourself then you will want to invest in some writing utensils. I have used everything from highlighters, gel pens to water colors. There are so many options, here are a few of my favorites to use.

Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils

4. Adding Accents and Tabs

You can also add some accent stickers and tabs to make each entry personal and add your special touch. And who doesn’t love washi tape?!

Washi Tape

5. Adhesives for adding a personal touch

It’s also a good idea to have some adhesives, you may want to add keepsakes or other items that are personal to you to the pages of your journal.

Tombow Adhesive

If you are interested in Bible journaling but you are not sure how to get started, Dayspring offers great articles and resources for beginners.

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