12 classic toys for children of all ages

As a mom the one thing I really struggled with at Christmas time was which toys to buy my children. Let’s face it, the options are limitless! I pour through catalogs, check customer reviews on Amazon, Target and Walmart and slowly begin to make my list somewhat manageable. But it’s still hard. My children want the latest technology, and I get it, there is some really cool technology out there! But I really do try to balance the technology with gifts they will enjoy that don’t involve screen time. The list of toys below are my tried and true recommendations for classic toys that kids of all ages enjoy. I have to say that Lincoln Logs and a marble run keep my teenagers engaged even now!

12 Class Toys Every Child Should Have

… at some point in their lives

This is one of those gifts that gives for years. Even with my older children we sit in the floor building log cabins, it’s amazing how many wonderful conversations have resulted from us just sitting down on the floor together building.

Same thing for Tinkertoys, we have had some fun times just hanging out building and using our imaginations!

Every one of my children have loved the sit n spin!

This is such a classic. We have all lined our slinkies at the top of the stairs for a slinky race! So much fun and perfect stocking stuffer.

Creating beautifully lit masterpieces on the Lite Brite never gets old. Whether you are using a template or creating your own- it’s a fabulous way to use your imagination!

A new marble run is on my 13 year old daughters Christmas list. She loves using her imagination and creating any number of variations.

An old school classic- I bought my daughter these when she was young (she is now 26) and we still have them! My youngest (who is 9) plays with them to this day and because they are wood, they stand the test of time!

Play-doh never gets old. The opportunities are endless with all of the different molds, and contraption you can put your Play- Doh in. It is also great for children who fidget a lot during school or homework. It gives their hands something to do and helps with focus.

We have s shocking number of Matchbox cars…they are fun to collect and so affordable. Another awesome stocking stuffer!

The Toy Story movie brought this classic back into the spotloght- remember Al’s Toy Barn! (Can you believe that movie is already 23 years old?!)

Who can resist this classic! Sock Monkey is truly timeless.

We gifted our 9 year old with a View Master last Christmas with some fun disks and he loved it!

I would love to hear from you, which classic toys are a big hit with your family?

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