10 classic boards games every family needs

I love playing board games, especially as a family, there is always a lot of laughter and many memories are made. We have a favorites, a mixture of newer games and older, more classic games. While I do really enjoy some of the new board games available, some things are just classics, time tested and impossible to improve upon. Here is a list of 10 old school board games every family needs and will enjoy from one generation to the next!

10 Classic Board Games Every Family Needs

A true classic, love this one!

I loved this game as a child but nothing struck dread in my quite like anticipating that buzzer of a nose lighting up!

4. Monopoly

Yahtzee continues to be a family favorite in my house

My husbands all time favorite game….and for a reason, he ALWAYS wins!

True confession, I was never good at this as a child, but as an adult, my Battleship game is strong!

Clue is my children’s favorite games these days, I catch them often playing this one.

Another classic!

Continues to be the perfect slumber party game!

Scrabble is more than a classic game, this game builds spelling and vocabulary skills, gotta love that!

A fun game that teaches some realities about life!

A lot of these are available in new and improved formats, and many of these are available to play on different game systems and even apps, but it is hard to beat the old school way of playing board games, around the table as a family. This is why each year we make it a point to wrap up a board game and put it under the tree, a gift for the whole family. And at the risk of sound super cheesy, it is a gift that keeps giving, every time we sit down to play.

What are some your favorite games to play with your family?

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