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Staying Present

Brilliant marketing and advertising professionals do an excellent job of creating a sense of urgency this time of year. Act now, shop now, get ahead of the hustle and bustle. The feeling it creates in me is stress, the kind of pressure that pushes back with a tinge of resentment. I don’t want to move and act, I want to be reminded that this is a season of gratitude, a time to slow down and reflect on a life lived through another year of seasons, a year that will wind down during a time of giving thanks while preparing my heart for His arrival. The birth that brought the lowly shepherds together with magi on bended knee to behold our broken worlds Savior. These are not the moments I want punctuated by the hustle and bustle of commercialism.

These are the moments I long to linger in, to relish, to feel to the fullest. I long to draw my loved ones closer, to have meaningful conversations while stirring pots and lifting fresh baked goodies from the oven. This is the time of year to underscore our normal routines with the good china, special music, and footy pajamas. These are the days that beg for living room forts, fits of laughter and pausing in prayer to allow the beauty of our blessings to fully sink in, to really feel them deep in our bones and not shrink away from the reality that not everyone is as blessed. To remember those less fortunate in our prayers and in our giving and our doing.

This is the time of year to slow down, to meander through the days, invoking all our senses. To be intentional in all that we do from the meals we prepare to the gifts that we buy. Let each moment be one that is fully lived, fully present and fully grateful. This time of year is just so rich in love, joy, faith, and hope, don’t miss it because you were too busy. It’s all so beautifully flawed, raw and abundant and it’s all worth the effort to slow down, to be still and know God’s presence. 

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