let go ... to grasp what matters

love prevails.jpg

I’m an early riser, my alarm goes off each morning at 4:30am. I reach over, pick up my phone to turn off the alarm. I would like to tell you that what I do next is set my phone down, but the sad truth is that I don’t. I’m embarrassed to admit that in these early moments of my day, before the rooster crows and an hour before the sun shines , I can be found there in the dark scrolling. With the glow from my phone highlighting sleepy crows feet I'm reading friends updates and chuckling at memes. I'm skipping past political commentary and noting who is celebrating a birthday, it's a constant flow of information all at my fingertips. My first few moments of a new day inundated not with a prayer of gratitude for waking up but by memes, headlines, and updates. The various screens in my life, phone, iPad, and laptop compete for my attention from dawn until dusk. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, news feeds etc is a temptation that I have to offer up daily.  As I pray the Lords Prayer each morning with my family the words “and lead us not into temptation” challenge me, they implore me to examine how I am living each day, on a micro level, you know those day to day moments with my family.  I find myself questioning where I am putting my time and energy and is this a reflection of what I value. But oh man is it easy to keep scrolling, to keep checking in for new likes and comments! I wonder though, can I be fully present with the people I love when I’m mindlessly scrolling? Can I live with real intention, being aware of God’s presence and what He is calling me to do when I am face down in a screen? Is that the example I want to set for my children? Do I really want to battle the feelings of regret when I realize that once again I’m missing even the little moments that begin to add up? As long as I am caving to the deceiver’s grip by surrendering to this temptation to scroll and post and scroll and post, I know that I will not thrive or be a blessing to others. The truth is, there isn’t anything that I am doing scrolling through social media that is adding up to anything meaningful and in the end is what I’m doing ultimately about Christ, His kingdom, His plan? So I resolve daily, a few times a day, in fact, to put my priorities on all things unseen, my relationships with the ones I love, the prayers, the little moments that hold meaning. The temptation to scroll is real, so I pray about it and offer it up daily because Lord knows I tend to have sin amnesia. I find comfort in knowing that He forgives my shortcomings, forgives my sins and loves this flawed and prone to repeating the same sins sinner. His grace extends online just as it does offline, and He reminds me to let go so that I can grasp what matters...and  for this I am eternally grateful.