if possibility were a person

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If possibility were a person...

She’d be a wise sage, reminding me that Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. were guided by their dreams and lived fearlessly.

She’d nurture me the way a parent does a child; reminding me that what I can or cannot do is not a consequence of my ability but of my belief in myself.

As my mentor, she would explain that staring at a list of thoughts and ideas, struggling to bring order to my words is better than glancing across the room at a closed journal and a capped pen because I was too frustrated to begin, because I lacked faith in myself to even try. "You have everything you need to begin" she'd hearten.

When my courage to stretch myself waned, she’d bolster me and whisper gently “you can do this, your dreams matter, you are not alone.” And if she noticed me shutting down, she’d nudge me…urging me to leave my soul ajar, ready to welcome the next ecstatic experience.

As my friend, she’d take me by my hand and walk along side of me as I wrestled my self imposed limitations. She’d patiently wait as I sought clarity to understand what is written on my heart, that as I give to the world, so the world will give to me.

When I find myself in discouraged times, lamenting the lack of joy in my life, she’d dig in her heels and point out that joy is all around me if only I’d choose to see it.

If possibility were a person she’d never deny herself chocolate and a glass of red. She'd believe in living a life without limitations.

She’d dress in an eclectic style, a fusion of Boho and Audrey Hepburn, because she wouldn’t buy into conformity, she’d confidently honor her free spirit.

If possibility were a person, she’d want me to know that during my childhood I dreamed of doing many things and trusted that all things were possible. She would reminisce about the times when my imagination flourished and my thoughts traveled where they wanted. She’d ask when I began to limit myself with the notion of impossible. She would point out the glorious moments in my life where I have seen my dreams come to fruition, when I had proven that anything is possible.

If possibility were a person, she would cleverly point out that impossible means I’m possible.