embracing our seasons


Recently my daughter and I planted some zinnia seeds. First let me tell you how uncharacteristic of me it is to plant seeds, I’m far to impatient to wait for a seed to sprout, I almost always opt for the small, already flowering plants in the garden department, the slow and unobservable work of the seed sprouting has already passed and the fruits of the seedlings labor are visible. No waiting time required by me! I’m so impatient. But this year I’m working on developing the habit of being present in each moment and learning that their is beauty in the process- this year I’m trying to slow down and bear witness to the journey and not rush the ending. Seeds are a great metaphor- their growth occurs in stages and seasons, they don’t fight the seasons they find themselves in. Even buried in the darkness of the ground, they gather what they need to let go of their outer shell in order to move forward- they break through that hard outer shell and press through the dirt- they embrace their season and new life begins to grow beneath the surface. 
Life isn’t always in full, colorful bloom, we don’t live in a perpetual spring. But I will say this, seasons of life are necessary, whether it’s living in full bloom or being transformed under the surface in the dark dirt. We just need to be willing to embrace the season we find ourselves in and when it feels like an imperfect season, a season of hardship or loss, just know that life doesn’t begin when the imperfections end, life can be made richer because of our hardships - seasons of challenge give us courage, and knowing that it is just a season and trusting that seasons do change but through it all, He will “never leave you nor forsake you” Hebrews 13:5
Our zinnia seeds have slowly shed their outer shell and have pushed through the soil, each day their growth is observable and I have to tell you, we delighted in this process and I’m already planning ahead to next spring, I want to plant even more seeds.