reflections and blessings


there are so many blessings filling my life that I wonder if another days worth will surely cause my heart to burst from joy

I move through my days with the steady breath of contentment that flows in tandem with my movements

my hearts wings lift me, giving me a birds eye view of my own little slice of heaven on earth as I go about my daily rounds

my gratitude for this is immeasurable

I'll humbly express my deepest thank you by reveling in every detail

I am in a season of reflection right now, pouring through words written years ago. This little one peering out the window is almost 11 now - time marches on, whether the heart is willing or not. Those words with his picture were written almost 10 years ago, I love that I was aware of my blessings then … though in all honesty those were tough years …. there is something powerful in remembrance, in revisiting a former version of yourself … discovering the areas where you’ve grown … acknowledging the areas you’ve lost, that maybe you should have held onto a little tighter…honoring all of it … and always counting blessings.

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