5 must have gift ideas for a beginner yogi

I have been teaching and practicing yoga since the 90’s… I love yoga and I love sharing yoga with others. In my years of teaching I have found that working with beginners has always been my favorite. People new to yoga are often intimidated by it (thanks to all the images of uber bendy people on social media) and are not sure how to get started. This Christmas if you are shopping for a new yogi in your life, or if you are a beginner, here are my recommendations for gear that every beginner yogi will love and appreciate.

Must have gear for the beginner yogi

  1. Yoga Mat

    There are so many options of yoga mats out there. They range in price from $10- over $100! For the new yogi I recommend somewhere in between. You want to invest in a mat that feels good to practice on and is durable without breaking the bank. I have also included a travel yoga mat. One of the best things about yoga is you do not need a gym membership to practice, it can be done just about anywhere which means when you are traveling you do not have to stop your practice. And this yoga mat is thin enough to fold up and fit in your bag!

    Home or studio Yoga Mat

    This mat by Sivan Health is 1/2 inch extra thick mat and has a lot of excellent ratings. It is priced around $20 making it an ideal option for home or studio yoga

Travel Yoga Mat

This travel mat by Gaiam is foldable and fits in just about any bag. It is also price in the $20’s and has received a lot of great reviews.

2. Yoga Props

Yoga props for the beginner yogi are almost as crucial as the yoga mat! I have heard new yogis express concern many times that they are not flexible enough for yoga. To this concern I always respond “no one starts yoga flexible, gaining mobility is the gift of a steady yoga practice” Having props will help you as you begin moving through the various poses to bring the floor a little closer and provide a little more stability. After more than a 20 year yoga practice, I still use my props!

3. Yoga Apparel

Yoga Pants

Yoga apparel is hot right now! With yoga growing in popularity, brilliant business owners are steady meeting the demand for quality apparel. You can really spend a lot of money on yoga pants, but you don’t have to! These Tesla Yoga Pants (High-Waist Tummy Control w Hidden Pocket) are an excellent option at an affordable price point and with excellent reviews. I am a huge fan of the high waist. When moving in and out of various poses I don’t have to worry about my stomach showing.

Yoga Tank Top

Like yoga pants, you can spend a lot of money on tank tops. Technically, you can wear any shirt you want to practice yoga but I have found tank tops are great for freedom of mobility. Plus, you might be surprised at how hot and sweaty you can get during a yoga practice. The flowy racerback tanks by Epic MMA Gear are an excellent price point and have excellent reviews.

4. It’s all about the savasana!

In yoga we put our bodies through various poses for many health benefits and we end our practice in savasana. In those last few minutes we lie in silence or with quiet music playing, allowing our bodies to find stillness and our minds to find peace is, these calming and peaceful benefits are just as important as all the physical benefits. These items will make savasana even more sweeter!

5. yoga at home for beginners

Books, DVDs and Yoga Cards

The best part about yoga is it can be done anywhere, the yoga studio, the gym or in the comfort of your home. For the beginner yogi there are so many options for home instruction from Youtube videos to online classes. But there are also some pretty awesome books, DVDs and yoga deck cards to choose from. I am a huge fan of a good yoga deck and the one I’ve included here by Mark Stephens is definitely the recommendation I would make. Mark Stephens has been a yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer for decades and his knowledge of yoga is extensive. The best part of owning a deck of yoga cards is laying them on the floor around you while you practice!

And there you have it, my gift list of gear for the beginner yogi! If you have any questions about buying yoga gear or anything about beginning a practice don’t hesitate to send me a message, I am happy to help!

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