abiding in Him when the world feels crazy

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Lately I find myself struggling, struggling with the negativity I hear in the news, I struggle with the divisiveness of social media, the hate and vitriol that opposing sides sling at one another wears on me. There can be a real lack of decency and respect when we interact through social media, I can’t help but believe we would never say these things to each other face to face, who knows, maybe we would.

I wish I were better at not letting the words get to me, I wish I didn’t let my fears of what this world is turning into keep me up at night, but I do, I do worry and worry and worry. My nickname after an 8th grade church lock in was “worrywart” ... some habits I’ve never overcome. I cry about the state of our world sometimes, I cry over our lack of decency to one another, and I fear where it will take us eventually if we do not return to a basic respect for one another. But then I remember what’s real and what’s true ... and that is we weren’t made for this world, we are here temporarily, we were made to spend eternity with Him.

This world does have tribulation but He has overcome this world. So when I find myself under the weight of worry, I know that I must re-orient myself to Him, I must pray and give thanks for the blessings in my life, I must trust in His plan and through him work to bear fruit, for Him. It’s not always easy to stay focused on the truth that I am a branch and He is the vine, and for the branch to bear fruit I must remain on the vine, but this truth is where I find peace amidst this hurting world. “Abide in me and I in you” 

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