awake to the beauty of unfolding

beauty of unfolding.jpg

I love this word, unfolding... it holds potential .... it’s not fully revealed or yet seen... there is energy in the unfolding... unfolding is where the magic is, although I tend to overlook this magic because I just want to see what is revealed...I miss the beauty in the process... it’s like watching flowers slowly blooming in early spring, watching our children grow and move through their firsts- watching them slowly become who God made them to be… slowly unfolding ... there is so much joy in witnessing the process ... I’m guilty of being impatient, I’m especially guilty of rushing an ending or solution because I fail to appreciate the space between the beginning and the end... the unfolding... the journey... the growing... the becoming. I recently scribbled this question in a journal

“what would it take for you to look back a year from now and know that you lived an intentional life?”

After many lengthy drafts of responses, I distilled my answer down to this ... that I was awake to the beauty of unfolding - that I didn’t rush life, but settled myself into the process, that I embraced the right now... and what about you, what would it take for you to look back a year from now and know you lived an intentional life?