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5 must have essential oils for staying healthy this winter

The cold months of late fall and winter will soon be here, along with all of the colds and sniffles that tag along. Winter holds a host of challenges when it comes to staying healthy, between the germs and viruses and the additional stress we experience during the holiday season, we seem more vulnerable to sniffles, colds, stomach viruses, you name it! To help with some of these winter time illness, I often turn to essential oils to help manage and relieve my symptoms.

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Fresh Almond Milk in 4 Steps

We drink a lot of almond milk in our house, I mean ALOT. Primarily it is the base of our protein shakes, for me that is the only use of almond milk, I'm not one to sit and drink of glass of it because I've never enjoyed the flavor of straight almond milk. We have tried a few brands and I have not found one yet that I could just sit and drink straight. 

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Hi, my name is Amelia and I want to welcome you to this space.  Let me give you the quick dime store version of my bio: I am a wife, mom to six and Mimi to three.  That’s a lot of people and that’s just how I like my life, busy with a touch of chaos.

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