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checklist good life

Often times I create lists like this, mostly as a reminder to myself. Then it occurs to me that if I need the occasional reminder, then maybe others do as well. So today I am sharing with you an abbreviated list of some rules to live by, a checklist for living a good life…

Checklist for a good life

1. pray…always…when times are good or when you are struggling, never stop communicating with Him, this means never stop talking to Him and never stop listening for and to Him.
2. always take stock … and count your blessings… and blessings don’t always have to be big…learn to recognize the small, daily blessings
3. don't get drawn into the lives of others who have chosen to live their lives swirling in drama - I know, it's like watching a train wreck- it's hard not to, but all it does is slow you down and creates a bottle neck in your positive energy flow, keep a healthy distance and say a prayer that they find peace in their days
4. don't ever let anyone tell you/suggest/or otherwise attempt to convince you that you are not as good an another, we are all God’s children and He loves each of us
5. don’t be tempted to think that you are better than someone else, we are all God’s children and He loves each of us
6. pick your battles in this one life we are given… not everything is a battle, seriously, most things should be let go- ask yourself "how important is it? and then let go and let God
7. make the practice of forgiveness a regular part of your life, this means that if you make a mistake, be the first to forgive yourself -likewise, if someone else makes a mistake, be the first to forgive them
8. if it doesn't feel right deep down, in your gut where your internal compass resides and the Holy Spirit speaks to you- then don't do it- trust your instincts even if someone else thinks you "should"
9. don't let others dictate how you "feel" this is the choice you get to make
10. the world often feels crazy and it’s easy to question how you can make a difference, but remember, we can all make a difference daily, on a very local level with our children, spouses, parents, and friends, be a force of kindness in the lives of those around you each day, it creates a ripple effect and makes a difference.

Finally, try to avoid judging other peoples sins because they sin differently than you, we are all flawed sinners and much of the time we are all battling something that no one else even knows about, let kindness guide your interactions and reactions to others.

That’s it, that’s what is on my list, I would love to hear your guidelines, suggestions and tips!

checklist good life

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