finding peace in the busy

St John Cross quite.jpg

I’ve felt very quiet lately, which is both hard and unusual for me 😜 There are a lot of things going on right now, all good things, but the sheer volume of details usually causes me to go silent. I’m an ENTP - details can easily overwhelm me and when they do, I tend to have a little come apart before I go quiet and I pray - mostly for the people around me who live with me 🤪 But I pray too for guidance - I pray really hard that the Holy Spirit will descend and hand me a type written, bullet pointed list of what I should do next - clear details about what is He calling me to - but I know that’s not how He works because that wouldn’t require much effort on my part in the way of faith or discipline - so I know that I have to become quiet, I have to retreat to that inner place in me that knows to take deep, intentional breaths while finding peace, putting one foot in front of the other - I have to pull away from the excessive inner noise because the Spirit of God is a spirit of peace, and I know that the notions of the Holy Spirit are delicate touches that can only penetrate if I am in a space of peace and calm, if my inner world is noisy and agitated I may miss the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit... so I’m settling into quiet, working hard (really hard!) not to let this noisy and agitated world disrupt my inner peace 🙏🏻 How do you cope with periods of high stress and anxiety?