during times of quiet

white church.jpg

I have been very quiet in this space, on my Facebook page … my blog is all but dormant - it’s been a difficult year so far punctuated with the loss of my sister recently - death is hard and grieving is hard - for me it comes in waves - ok one day- fighting tears the next - it’s hard to gather thoughts and feel like I can contribute anything especially thoughtful - I’ve spent the past two months immersed in art - art is very therapeutic- and I keep painting churches, with each new canvas comes a new church emerging from my palette knife- the meaning of this isn’t lost on me- it’s faith, symbolized by these churches, that are holding me. I’ve lost a lot of interest in web traffic, analytics, followers and optimizing for search engines. I feel like my life is being changed my Gods grace and my hands are following. I have an intense desire to nurture what I have been given in this life, my family. I have an insatiable need to be present in each moment. And on top of all that to create- to paint. I cannot promise what this space will hold for me in the future but I can tell you that I am grateful for each and every one of you