we grow what we sow


we grow what we sow —- such a concise statement, 5 words that break it all down to undeniable truth —- we cultivate in our lives what we give our attention to ... and to be completely honest with you, my attention span tends to be on the short side —- I have way too many things in my life that serve as distractions, social media being one of my biggest slippery slopes. Our world feels like it moves faster now than it ever has, we spend our days receiving information thru near constant sources, the news, radio, Internet, social media etc. It’s hard to know sometimes how I feel about anything or what matters most to me because every where I turn I am being told how to feel, what’s important or what’s not important .... but here’s the rub, God made me with a purpose, He made you with a purpose, we have our own calling and friend let me just say, you won’t hear from Him and His plan for your life by paying attention to the distractions ... no, if we want to cultivate and grow His plan for our lives, then we need to tune this world out and tune into the Holy Spirit through prayer and contemplation. This is where we need to give our time and attention... this is how our growing ground becomes fertile ... and the best news is, we are not growing this life alone, the master gardener is with us always ☘️