A few years ago I read Ann Voskamps bestselling book One Thousand Gifts, a Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are
I began keeping a list of things I felt grateful for, and in keeping this list, my feelings of gratitude for my life began to grow and I slowly began to realize that I am living the life I always wanted. This is my 1000 gift.



  1. early morning conversations with still sleepy children

  2. fresh coffee sipped quietly in bed before anyone has awoken

  3. warm oatmeal on cold mornings (with brown sugar!)

  4. watching Curious George in the morning

  5. a new journal with my favorite pen

  6. an amazon package arriving

  7. rose bushes blooming

  8. promise of a new garden

  9. a friend surprising me with a homemade lunch

  10. ginger tea

  11. the smell of honeysuckle

  12. friendly neighbors saying "good morning" on my morning run

  13. morning prayer with my family

  14. good friends that I can laugh with

  15. the smell of freshly cleaned towels

  16. hand drawn cards made by little hands

  17. fresh cut flowers

  18. Sunday afternoons with friends

  19. salads made fresh from the garden

  20. the way my children smell like fresh linen and gummy bears in the morning

  21. flower gardens

  22. the sound of tree frogs in the late evening

  23. naps taken in hammocks

  24. surprise lunch with friends

  25. watching a stormy evening from the screen porch

  26. roosters crowing before dawn breaks

  27. hot yoga and epic playlists

  28. a husband who is willing to listen to the muck

  29. grilled cheese perfection

  30. white cotton framing country roads

  31. kittens chasing toes buried under blankets

  32. weekends spent in the mountains

  33. train whistles in the distance

  34. youth groups filled with energy

  35. co-workers who make the work days fun

  36. life lessons learned through unexpected conversations

  37. fall mums

  38. Target dollar spot :-)

  39. bear hugs from an already taller than me son

  40. hazelnut coffee

  41. unexpected three day weekends

  42. keto hot cocoa

  43. unconditional friendships

  44. hand me down quilts

  45. unused journals, just waiting

  46. John Denver’s music- gosh how I love it

  47. the opportunity to pay it forward

  48. first fire of the season

  49. Frank Sinatra on vinyl

  50. gray rainy days that lead to slowing down to just be

  51. brand new journal

  52. brand new canvas

  53. falling hard for a new song

  54. seeing young people on fire with the love of Christ

  55. new friends

  56. people who support you through the hard stuff

  57. hugs

  58. seeing Spring peaking into the tail end of Winter

  59. decluttering, feeling light from donating the things I no longer need or use

  60. being able to take my children to work with me

  61. having faith like a child

  62. easy Sunday afternoons

  63. sisters

  64. knowledge that I will see those I have loved and lost again

  65. spring

  66. learning to let go of shoulds

  67. learning to stay present in the moment